About Us

Offering Extensive Plant Cultural Support

The Messick Company was started in 1980 by Darrell Messick. Darrell had been one of the driving forces behind George J. Ball Company's explosive growth of the 1950s, '60s, and '70s. In 1980, Darrell left "Ball" and started Messick Company. The business focused on supplying grower's needs for top-quality bulbs and young plants. Bringing "New and different" plants to the country's top growers has always been and continues to be a main focus of the Messick Company. We've been doing it for 40+ years.

Joining Darrell in 1988, Kurt Messick helped to expand the Company. Since 2000, Kurt has been managing the Company and servicing many customer accounts in various parts of the country. Today, Messick Company continues to provide professional growers with innovative plant products from top quality producers worldwide.

The Messick Company supplies professional growers throughout the United States. All Messick Company salesmen have many years of growing experience in wholesale plant production. This small but highly trained sales force of industry veterans always focuses on providing customers with extensive plant cultural support.

Our main office's strategic location in the San Francisco Bay Area near many of the nation's leading plant/bulb producers enables Messick Company to work very closely with many of its major suppliers easily. However, in addition to many key West Coast producers, Messick Company personnel travel worldwide to locate the finest sources of innovative plant products.

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