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April 2023


"Klepac Greenhouses has been in business for almost 60 years, and from our beginnings, we have been doing business with the Messicks, first with Darrell when he was with Ball and then with the Messick Company after its formation. When it comes to Easter Lily bulbs, the Messick Company continues to prove to be the premier broker. They are in the fields during harvest and are hands-on during the cooling and transportation phases. The Easter Lily bulbs we buy from them consistently outperform the others, due in large part to their dedication and diligence. Even though the Messick Company is known for brokering quality Easter Lilies, we consider them a leader in bringing new and exciting crops to the potted plant producer. Several items that are now part of our core production were at one time small trials that Messick brought to us. They go to great lengths to understand us, our market, and growing conditions. That gives them the ability to recommend new crops that will work in our niche. A term that is often overused is "service after the sale.

" The Messick Company, however, exemplifies this time after time. They understand that their success relies on our success. Their cultural knowledge helps them produce successful crops. They periodically walk our crops with us to ensure the highest quality. We look forward to many more years of a business relationship with the Messick Company that has contributed to our prosperity."

Jimmy Klepac

Owner Klepac Greenhouses Blanco, Texas.

"I have been working with Kurt Messick and his sales team at Messick Company for five years now. They have done a great job moving our products throughout the USA and have been one of our top producing brokers for our Company. I know the entire staff to be of the highest integrity and truly professional with our customers and us that we serve together. They are a company that truly goes the extra mile, and that is hard to find in the world of business today. Anyone who has any questions, feel free to contact me directly."

Wes Fisher

President Hidden Acres Nursery, Inc. Sebring, FL

"I've been doing business with the Messick Company for 20 years, and they have always been good to work with. They stand by their products, demonstrate honesty and integrity, and truly care about my business's success. With ideas, knowledge, and experience, Kurt Messick provides a high level of service that is rare today."

Dan Mojonnier

Monjonnier Enterprises Encinitas, California

"Messick Company is the best to find whatever plant I'm looking for no matter how in-demand it may be. Their discount programs are great. We have never had any problem with their billing department, which we cannot say about other companies. You cannot talk about the company without talking about its brokers. Mine (Joe Heffner) visits regularly, returns our calls quickly, helps with problems, and always has helpful hints on new plants. Messick Company makes my business work."


Tanyia and Shelly Moore Moore's Greenhouses Madison, Mississippi

"We've been very pleased with the Messick Company and the service they provide. They care about our business and are very supportive. Our salesman brings growing experience, new varieties, and ideas to help us stay competitive and successful."

Dave Forester

Progressive Growers Vista, California